Transition Centre

Community Ecosystem


A community is an ecosystem just as a forest or lake is an ecosystem.  The ecosystem model is increasingly being adapted by business and non-governmental organizations as a more realistic and effective vision for how they are organized internally and how they fit into their community and the larger framework of economy and society. 

The challenges they face in developing initiatives are: 

  • Connection,
  • Communication and
  • Collaboration. 

 Community Ecosystem Mapping™ is our model for achieving these three “C’s.”  A resource list is the foundation.  However, an ecosystem network consists of nodes, connections and the things that move along those connections.  It consists of inputs, throughputs and outputs:  which can be products or wastes.

 Transition Centre has designed a model for online network, adapting to member organizations, called Alliance Networking.  This application is under development.

 An effective network is crucial for the success of any organization – government, business or nonprofit --

 This page is under development.  Please see the concept framework for Community Ecosystem Mapping at this link.