• How do you prepare individuals, organizations and communities to achieve self-determination? 
  • How do you achieve adaptive resilience in the face of massive change? 
  • How do you undertake purposeful transformative change?

This is the mission of the Cove Institute. 


Self-Reliance: Achieving Personal Resiliency and independence

On a personal level, do you want to lead a more self-reliant life?  Do ideas like personal independence, self-actualization, self-fulfillment, liberty and freedom appeal to you?  This short book is designed to assist you in pursuing your own destiny.

Over the course of this book we will explore:

  • Our integral role in the natural order of things
  • The function of our unique nervous system
  • A holistic framework for learning
  • Practices for living more effectively, and
  • An intensive practice in individuation:  the Well-Formed Personality.

What is Self-Reliance?

Self-reliance is about personal resiliency. 

Resiliency is the ability to adapt: to recover from challenges, problems, setbacks, and misfortunes. 

The term originates with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous essay by that title. 

Emerson’s ideal was the man or woman who sought to better understand life and the world we live in, who sought independence and self-determination, who lived fulfilling lives. 

The path to self-reliance is life-long practice.  It requires disciplined effort.  The workbook, Self-Reliance, provides a program for this practice.