Transition Centre

Banner photo by Bill Sharp Copyright (c) 2016

What we do:

Transition Centre provides consultation, coaching, planning and workshops about building your community’s sustainable future.  We offer:

  • Transitional Awareness:  Building awareness of why your community needs to create a resilient, sustainable economy to secure its future.
  • Sustainability Master Design:  A workable and doable framework for organizing all sectors of your community to secure a high quality future.
  • Community Ecosystem Mapping:  Identifying, connecting and mobilizing the resources of your community into a self-defining, self-sustaining network of collaborative action.
  • Sustainable Economy:  Leadership, enterprise and economic redevelopment to reinvigorate your local economy, that adapts to the rapid and erratic changes of the global economic system and that will secure a stable and viable future for your community.

The Mission of Transition Centre:
Promote and develop an integral design for strong, local, human-scaled, self-sufficient and sustainable economies and communities that have resilience to overcome the inevitable challenges arising from economic uncertainty, climate instability and resource depletion.

The Vision of Transition Centre:
Adaptable and innovative communities with the resilience to meet the challenges of the day building on local resources, innovation and regenerative economic redevelopment.

The Objectives of Transition Centre:

  1. Transition Centre promotes the best practice model of an effective grassroots program for rebuilding local community economic sustainability and a growing level of self-reliance.
  2. An integral ecosystem architecture of the self-sufficient  community and local economy.
  3. A comprehensive learning institute to prepare youth and adults for the challenges of a society in a state of increasing disequilibrium.
  4. Innovative leadership capable of guiding the transformation of communities, from villages to urban neighborhoods, to achieve sustainability.
  5. Provide materials and resources to assist communities to achieve sustainability.
The business we are in is: Prosperity and Quality of Life
That can be achieved today only through local initiatives.

​Transition Centre is a Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation. 

​Bill Sharp (Linkedin) and Bob Flatley are co-founders of Transition Centre. 

The Road to a Sustainable Future

We must ask what are the odds of achieving a sustainable future and what will it take to achieve the best that can be?  What, for example, is the real likelihood of holding global warming to two degrees?  We must ask if the classical definition of sustainability, to preserve the quality of life for the future, is still possible as global population continues to swell?

In response to these increasingly urgent question, Transition Centre has developed the theme of "The Road to a Sustainable Future."  See link here.